Black Friday Sale!


Hey Guys! It’s my annual Black Friday Sale in my store! Click HERE to get 20% off the entire* store including original art and get on the commission list! I only have VERY limited spaces available. Use code: BLACK FRIDAY 2017 to get your discount 🙂

*discount does not apply to commissions

Commissions Update!

Hey everyone! It’s almost time for my yearly fall sketch commissions to open up. I haven’t set a for-sure date yet, but as a heads up, if you become a patron of mine on Patreon, You’ll get first dibs at the list! Sign up at (plus you’ll get some goodies in the mail throughout the year!)
I’ll be limiting the sketches to up to two characters, watercolor, 9×12″. Pretty much my convention type sketches. And I plan to have them sent to you by Christmas. So keep an eye on my social media, or sign up at Patreon if you’re interested!
Thanks kids!
Cyndi Lauper Head Sketch 2015

San Diego Comic Con! Exclusive Cover and Signing Schedule


Wubba Lubba Dub DUB!! Oh man I am sooo excited for my Rick and Morty Exclusive SDCC Cover for San Diego Comic Con. You can snag these puppies at Comic Con at the Oni Press booth for $10. Oh and the ~Original~ cover painting is currently in the store.


I’ll also be doing a lot of signings at Comic Con next week. But you can find me at my table in Artist Alley AA-21 otherwise. Below is my schedule!

Oni Press Booth 4:30-5:30p

IDW Booth 4-5p

Oni Press Booth 10-11am

My Little Pony drawing tutorial panel (I’ll have more details about the location when I get them!) 11-12p

IDW Booth 2-3pm

I’ll also be doinfg sketches at the convention but come by ASAP as my list fills up really fast at this show! $60 Head Sketches and $100 Half Body (or full body My Little Pony) Characters all in watercolor! I also love painting portraits of pets and various other animals….like owls….I think you know I like painting owls. I’m really crap at portraits of your human friends though so please don’t ask for that. That pressure too damn high!)

Anyway! See you at the show! Oh and quickly, pins are done and in the store and the book I’m working on is 8 pages from being done. HUZZAH!

Ghosts, Owls, and Enamel Pins Soon!


Hey Guys! as a quick update, not much has been going up do to the current book project I’m working on with Franco! “The Ghost, The Owl” is coming along (a little slower than I’d hoped) but it’s going to be a 100% hand painted beauty I promise! Action Lab will be publishing it and the more info I have on the release I’ll let ya know!

I’m also currently in the process of making enamel pins which I will have up in the store hopefully by the time San Diego Comic Con rolls around 🙂 I also plan on opening up an Etsy store in addition to my current Storenvy for maximum PIIIIINS!

Anyway! Please continue to check back for some big updates soon (Just updated the Upcoming Appearance section!) and please check out my Patreon for exclusive peeks at art only Patrons can see! The link is at the bottom of the page. Thank you all! Love ya a little bit! X


ghost owl c2e2 print test


Been a while!


Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was getting ready, then did it, then landed on a cross country move from San Diego back to New Hampshire! Wow, what a drive….This country is beautiful and really likes to jam Jesus down your throat in the way of 150 foot crosses along its major highways. ANYWAY!

I’ll be at C2E2 Artist Alley Table N-11 and at IDW’s booth #609 you’ll be able to get an exclusive cover of the image below. The cover will not have the logo on it so you can see the whole image 🙂 Neat! Bring it by Artist Alley or keep an eye on the IDW signing schedule and I’ll be happy to scribble on it for ya!


Action Lab Comics will be announcing the book project I’ve been working on with them and Franco. More to come soon!

Tudor Rarity lo rez

“I’m Just Visiting.”


I can finally show this piece! It’s currently hanging in Los Angeles at Galleries 1988 WEST for the Crazy 4 Cult X Show! I absolutely love this movie and David Bowie so I had such a fun time painting this. I also learned how to mount illustration board on wood which was interesting…..and a bit scary at times. But so worth it. Oh! And you can buy the original or limited prints via the Galleries 1988 site here!


Frances Knight: Fashion In Action

Art, fashion, new

Just added this piece to the galleries! This is Frances Knight, a characters from John K Snyder III’s Kickstarter to restore the series into a hardcover! You can find out more about the project and see some of John’s work on the campaign page too! (I’m in love with the Adam Ant Dazzler!)  Here!

This piece is one of the rewards for the high end backers and should hopefully be showing up in the book as well! So happy it was funded and I can’t wait to get a copy for myself!

NYCC Signing Schedule



I’ll be signing a bunch at New York Comic Con coming up Oct 6-9. My table is C16 in Artist Alley and I’ll have someone at my table in case you come by while I’m signing!

Here’s my schedule for the event:

Thurs : IDW booth 3-4 My Little Pony

Friday: Oni Press Booth 3-4 Rick and Morty

Saturday: IDW Booth 1-2  Jem and the Holograms

Oni Press Booth 4:30-5:30 Rick and Morty

Sunday: IDW Booth 10-11 My Little Pony

See you guys there! I’ll be doing sketches at the show but spaces fill up quick so come by early! I’ll have original art including published covers and DC Tarot Card originals, prints and more!

Jem #6 sara richardjem mlp sara richardctn8_-pwyaeu336-jpg-large